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Our Workload Migration Service

Organisations adopt various pathways to achieve the ultimate goal of cloud transformation programs, that of migrating the majority, if not all, of their application portfolio from on-premise to public/hybrid cloud. This migration allows businesses to reap the benefits of cloud computing, including increased agility, better resiliency and a stronger culture of innovation across their organisation.

Based on over a decade of experience, Sourced has ascertained that a successful mass migration journey starts with identifying and successfully moving masthead applications and workloads to the cloud. This allows an organisation’s Cloud Centre of Excellence to embed the learnings into reusable patterns that streamline future migrations. To identify the right masthead, organisations must select business-critical applications and assess complexity, risk, cost, and size to determine a prioritized migration plan. Sourced conducts migration readiness assessments across an enterprise portfolio(s) to inform the cloud migration strategy, impact, and timeline. Applications are then scored using criteria that measure cloud readiness and priority factors based on outcomes. 

This process assesses all workloads as candidates for modernisation, relocation, rehosting, retirement, retention or replacement. We also deploy a team of subject matter experts to design, deploy, and instill cloud best practices and self-support solutions – all while infusing best cloud-practices into client teams to ensure they work excellently and securely in the cloud. A blended team of client and Sourced experts can help define and drive measurement standards to support continuous improvement of cloud practices and platforms with onboarded teams. Sourced models our solutions after best practices taught by our world-class partners – such as quality, self-support for nimble operations, deploy for agility and compliance, along with the ensuring clients realise the benefits of cloud (elastic capacity, increased speed and agility, cloud cost containment, globalization, etc.).

Key Features of a Masthead Application:

Supportive of change icon - Sourced Group

Application and supporting teams are supportive of change

Lessons learnt icon - Sourced group

Can generate lessons learnt around security, compliance and technology

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Application possesses some cloud native characteristics

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Relatively low level of technical complexity

Sourced Group customer centric icon

Customer-Centric, meaningful to the success of your business

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Currently experiencing scale, cost, and/or agility constraints

The Six R’s of Migration


A systematic review of a service can determine that the decommissioning of the current service is the most favorable due to future business strategy, cost ineffectiveness, and/or the service no longer being useful to the enterprise. The cost savings by retiring these types of services can be used to contribute to the migration of other services that are core to your business service offering.


In some scenarios, the most effective short-term solution for moving to the cloud is to take the current service in its current technical state into the cloud with minimal platform or service changes. This strategy allows your company to quickly benefit from some of the benefits of the cloud such as variable cost (OpEx vs. CapEx), increased agility, ease in capacity planning, improved global reach, and cost savings from running your on-premises systems. A rehost strategy is usually short-term for a company and is routinely followed with a refactoring exercise to further find gains in the benefits of migration to the cloud.


Refactoring will transform and modernize your services from their current technology and architecture into a modern and cloud-native solution. Refactoring allows your services to most benefit from the use of cloud-managed services for areas such as databases, application runtimes, auto-scaling, and storage. Refactoring is generally more expensive that the others, but provides the greatest gains in availability, resiliency, and reliability of critical services since it provides the best of what the cloud offers in benefit to enterprises while positioning your services to be most compatible with future offerings from the industry and cloud.


This strategy is applied to services that are best retained in their current technical architecture and implementation on-premises. This determination is usually found when the service must remain in its current technical state and location due to compliance, cost containment needs, and/or business strategic reasons. While the service will remain in its current on-premises location, Sourced provides enterprises with strategies that allow the other cloud-based services to reliably communicate to the retained service(s) in on-premises locations. This cloud-hybrid strategy allows for the cloud benefits to be realized for cloud-based services while maintaining the unique needs of the retained service.


As a level-up of the rehost strategy, a replatform strategy determines that there is benefit in making some changes to the platform and/or infrastructure used by the service being migrated while maintaining the service’s current application architecture as much as possible. For example, Sourced helps clients move from running services directly on physical or virtual servers on-premises to running services inside containers and cloud managed services (e.g. Kubernetes). This moderate change allows clients to improve the reliability and resiliency of their service without a full refactor effort. This strategy also enables even further realize cloud migration benefits than those in a simple rehosting. Specifically, in areas such as increased cost optimization, improved elasticity, increased reliability, and improved global reach.


The replace strategy evaluates the services to determine if full replacement of the current services best meets the business and strategic plan. Here, the current service is replaced with a new SaaS-based service, allowing for a company’s full realization of the cloud benefits in areas such as increased global reach, improved cost optimization, increased elasticity, improved capacity planning, and great agility.

Our Approach

When our clients come to us with a cloud  migration challenge, we take the time to assess the workload and the capability of the client’s team, organisational goals, security, and available resources. These factors are essential to the success of the migration and the organisation’s ability to scale the applications to future demand. Taking a holistic platform approach to migration allows for reusable infrastructure as code, that can be customised to a workload’s requirements, and provide a consistent control plane across the entire fleet of applications.

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Our Workload Migration Solutions

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Critical Secure Migrations

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Cloud Workload Readiness

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TCO Workload Assessment

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Cloud Platform

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Infrastructure and Application Pipelines

Your Business, Transformed by the Cloud

The most important prerequisites when developing a cloud migration strategy are exploring the strategic needs of the business and articulating them as a business vision.

A cloud migration is a non-trivial endeavor that will transform how the enterprise delivers technical solutions and the enterprise should have an idea of what it intends to accomplish. The vision will form the basis for the way many detailed decisions are made along the way.

Sourced helps prepare enterprise teams for evolving customer needs – with new patterns to consume, connect and manage next gen communication services on the cloud. 

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Seamlessly migrate your workloads to cloud.

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