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Workload Migration

Organisations adopt various pathways to achieve the ultimate goal of cloud transformation programs, that of migrating the majority, if not all, of their application portfolio from on-premise to public cloud. This migration allows businesses to reap the benefits of cloud computing, including increased agility, better resiliency and a stronger culture of innovation across their organisation.

Based on a decade of experience, Sourced has ascertained that a successful mass migration journey starts with identifying and successfully moving one masthead application workload to the cloud. This allows an organisation’s Cloud Centre of Excellence to embed the learnings into reusable patterns that streamline future migrations.

Key Features of a Masthead Application:

Application and supporting teams are supportive of change

Can generate lessons learnt around security, compliance and technology

Application possesses some cloud native charactaristics

Relatively low level of technical complexity

Customer-Centric, meaningful to the success of your business

Currently experiencing scale, cost, and/or agility constraints

The Six R’s of Migration


Decommissioning legacy applications


Lift and shift from legacy to cloud


Transform and modernise the applications


Leaving workloads on-premise


Move and improve the applications as you migrate to cloud


Use new COTS / SaaS over legacy applications

Our Approach

When our clients come to us with a workload migration challenge, we take the time to assess the workload and the capability of the client’s team, organisational goals, security, and available resources. These factors are essential to the success of the migration and the organisation’s ability to scale the applications to future demand. Taking a holistic platform approach to migration allows for reusable infrastructure as code, that can be customised to a workload’s requirements, and provide a consistent control plane across the entire fleet of applications.

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