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Cloud-Led Business Change

Efficient technology design and successful delivery are only made possible if the organisation is wholly aligned around a business and technology vision. Sourced is not only an expert in delivering outstanding technology solutions; it also leverages over ten years’ experience delivering cloud in some of the world’s largest enterprises to execute a cloud-led business change. As part of the Cloud at Scale™ framework, Sourced identifies, designs and manages organizational change elements to better support the new cloud operating model and ensure lasting change takes hold.

Cloud consulting

Cloud Centre of Excellence

As an organisation’s cloud journey begins, a valuable best practice is establishing a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE). Along with the cloud consulting partner, this centre of high-performers and forward-thinkers from within the organisation can steer cloud efforts throughout the organisation, maintain momentum, and advocate for adoption. It can evaluate the workloads that are well-suited to move to the cloud and centralise the cloud strategy, ensuring an agile, iterative and horizontal capability.

The CCoE organisationally sits in the Central IT function and operates similarly to an agile product team. Creation of this team occurs before any design or build activities take place, and the team ordinarily consists of a product owner, a scrum master, and several cross-functional DevOps engineers.

The CCoE’s responsibilities begin with designing all foundational elements of the cloud platform, soon progressing to build activities. The team will then continue to incrementally iterate on the platform, adding further features and automating additional components. As applications on-board to the platform, the CCoE provides an operational capability to support the cloud platform and shared services that applications leverage.

Our Organisational and Operating Models Solutions

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Cloud-Led Organisational Change Strategy

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Organisational Shared Responsibility Modelling

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People and Process Development

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Change Acceleration

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Finding the Best Pipeline Tooling for Your Organisation

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Deployment Automation and Orchestration

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Fostering a DevOps in Agile Organisation

Our Approach to DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Agile

Over the last decade, Sourced has helped clients adopt the DevOps practice as a key steppingstone on their journey to the cloud. For our highly regulated clients, moving towards a DevOps and continuous delivery approach is critical to ensure a successful transition of material workloads to the cloud. A successful implementation of DevOps delivers the following benefits:

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Organisations gain visibility and control over the entire life cycle, resulting in less unplanned work or events.

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Embedded security policies in the early stages of DevOps adoption, with automated security testing and compliance.

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Using Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) principles, deployment of new features or code on-demand to increase innovation and lower time to market.

A natural progression to DevOps is the ability to facilitate continuous delivery. The two main functions of Continuous Delivery are Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

Continuous delivery allows for the automatic provisioning of environments as needed, including test and production, that seamlessly deploy software solutions across these environments. For our highly regulated clients, having DevOps and continuous delivery running, is a critical process to ensure a successful transition of material workloads into the cloud.

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Combining Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, creates development cycles that produce seamless deployments while embedding end to end security controls and continuous monitoring.

Benefits of Adopting Continuous Delivery

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Empowers developers to improve the agility of their release cycle with the ability to deploy test environments on-demand.

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Enhances reliabilityscalability, and security of cloud applications by providing the capability to provision robust, production-ready test environments at the touch of a button.

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Provides an automated and repeatable workflow that enables low-risk deployments and improved code quality.

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Increases collaboration and transparency among development and operations teams by standardising the workflows and modernising tooling.

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Fully automates provisioning of infrastructure and applications to the cloud platform using industry-standard tools and workflows.

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