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Progressive Cloud-Based Support

Your application is innovative and customer-focused, and your development team needs to keep it that way with regular feature updates. Ongoing management, maintenance and operability improvements of the cloud platform are important too, but it’s hard to stay on top of everything. If this sounds familiar, you probably need a cloud managed services partner that is at ease with the cloud, understands DevOps and works like you do.

Our Cloud Managed Services

Managing cloud platforms is not the same as managing a traditional data centre. It requires new patterns and practices, specialist tools and modern ways of working that maximise the return on your cloud investment. As a digital-native business, we have the skills and experience to handle your needs via on-demand platform support or focused platform operations engineering. Both these cloud managed services can be tailored to your circumstances.

Sourced platform support incident management

Platform Support

Our cloud and DevOps engineers are there when you need them, either during business hours or 24×7. With this service, we help diagnose and troubleshoot problems in real-time as they arise. We also go a step further, offering best practice guidance to reduce risks and failure rates over time.

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Sourced platform operations incident management

Platform Operations

If you’re looking to boost operational maturity, our full, application-centric cloud managed service will help. Working as an extension to your in-house team, our cloud and DevOps engineers focus on improving the reliability, security and cost-effectiveness of your cloud-hosted applications.

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“In just a few emails, [the team] clearly explained a process that we’d been struggling with for more than two years.”

Dave Jones, Engineer, APMG

What Will I Get From Cloud Managed Services?

While our platform support and platform operations services differ in the scope and scale of work undertaken, they share common principles. You will always have direct access to cloud and DevOps engineers who can personally resolve technical issues or make operability improvements. They will work closely with your team, via Slack or your preferred method of communication. Their experience and expertise will ensure you see positive results quickly.

  • A personal service
  • Immediate support
  • Technical expertise
  • Digital-native mindset
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A Personal Service

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Immediate Support

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Technical Expertise

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Digital-Native Mindset

Benefits of Choosing a Digital-Native Cloud Managed Services Partner

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Fewer Incidents

We don’t just solve problems, we take steps to prevent their recurrence. Over time, this reduces the amount of unplanned work that emerges, releasing more time, energy and headspace for innovation.

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Faster Resolution

Our cloud and DevOps engineers are dedicated to cloud platform operations day in, day out. It results in quick identification and remediation of performance issues so you can get back to business quickly.

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Operational Maturity

Whether you opt for platform support or platform operations, we’ll offer practical advice on where improvements can be made. These insights will help keep operational maturity in step with feature development.

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Cost Optimisation

We’ll enable you to build a better understanding of cloud spend, and highlight changes that could deliver significant cost savings. Our own billing is based on a transparent, per-application model too.

Why Sourced?

Sourced Group provides next-generation operations services to manage the performance and availability of your critical applications running in Microsoft Azure and AWS. We want to give you the freedom to innovate, with the knowledge and reassurance that your platforms are well maintained and that your customers and users will have a great experience. We use DevOps working practices and automation tooling to deliver next-generation operations services that are perfectly aligned for developer-built applications.

By working with us as an Operations Partner, you can focus on creating meaningful competitive advantage for your business.

Download our datasheet comparing the two management services.

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AWS and Azure accredited engineers

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24×7 Support

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Access to the full cloud-vendor feature set

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Cost effective

Closed Loop Medicine

Learn how Sourced Group’s cloud-based operations support brought assurance to a remote clinical trial

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Choose the Right Option for Your Business

Sourced platform support incident management

Platform Support

Providing 24×7 on-call incident remediation assistance for customers running critical services in AWS or Azure.

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Sourced platform operations incident management

Platform Operations

Taking the effort out of operations, allowing customers to put energy into innovation with our 24×7 services.

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Get your Platform Covered

Find out how we can provide 24×7 support for your critical applications, reducing unplanned work and leaving you free to focus on innovation.