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Take the effort out of operations, put energy into innovation with our 24×7 Cloud Managed Services.

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The Cloud Support Modern Teams Need…

New ideas are the lifeblood of a scaling business. But when you also have to ensure systems are performing reliably in Production to meet the demands of your growing customer base, product development can move down the priority list. On a day-to-day basis, the immediate urgency of issues that need to be fixed in real-time erodes the ability to innovate.

The heavy lifting of infrastructure maintenance is an ongoing burden that can threaten innovation and prevent adaptation to evolving customer needs. But 24×7 availability is essential.

Traditional functional outsourcing models aren’t suited to cloud-native, agile development teams. But an engineering partner that understands modern ways of working will help you accelerate progress.

Our 24×7 Cloud Platform Operations Service

Our Platform Operations service is designed for business-critical developer built applications. It is designed to ensure the uptime, availability and performance of the platform onto which your custom code is deployed.

Looking for something a little more flexible? Our Platform Support service lets you pay for exactly what you need.

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“[The team] has played a pivotal role in helping us rebuild our cloud infrastructure to respond to growing demand from customers and bring new applications to market at speed.”

Michael Ashford – Chief Technology Officer of Wealthify

What Makes Sourced Group Unique?

Sourced Group is different from traditional managed service providers. We are both DevOps native and Cloud-native – built from the ground up to support innovative organisations and their use of the cloud.

Unlike many companies moving into the DevOps space, we recognise DevOps as a holistic, end-to-end way of working – rather than just a set of automation tools.

Our engineers use industry-leading cloud management and optimisation tooling to enable better management of cloud resources, costs, security and compliance. These insights, along with our team’s own experience, allow us to make expert recommendations for on-going improvement and optimisation.

  • Multidisciplinary squads
  • Support above the OS
  • A stable and fair pricing model
  • Continuous improvement taken seriously
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Multidisciplinary Squads

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24×7 Support

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A stable and fair pricing model

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Continuous improvement taken seriously

Benefits of our Platform Operations Service

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Focus on What Matters

Replace unplanned work and create more space for innovation.

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Continual Improvement, Taken Seriously

Our Kaizen service provides ongoing optimisation of the application platform and supporting toolset.

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Resolve Issues Quickly

Resolve production issues fast with specialist guidance.

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Support Above the OS

Support for application engine, database, CI/CD pipelines, PaaS services and container orchestrators.

Why Sourced?

Sourced Group provides next-generation operations services to manage the performance and availability of your critical applications running in Microsoft Azure and AWS. We want to give you the freedom to innovate, with the knowledge and reassurance that your platforms are well maintained and that your customers and users will have a great experience. We use DevOps working practices and automation tooling to deliver next-generation operations services that are perfectly aligned for developer-built applications.

By working with us as an Operations Partner, you can focus on creating meaningful competitive advantage for your business.

Download our datasheet comparing the two management services.

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AWS and Azure accredited engineers

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24×7 Support

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Access to the full cloud-vendor feature set

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Cost effective

Wealthify Case Study

Learn how Sourced Group helped to accelerate their journey to cloud and support its technology teams moving forward.

Read the case study

How We Deliver Platform Operations?

The objective of Cloud Platform Operations is to ensure the operational uptime and availability of the platform where your custom code is deployed. We cover the monitoring, management and maintenance of your cloud platform services, operating systems, application engines and developer tools.

In addition to this Core service, Cloud Platform Operations also includes Remediation time (incident resolution and root cause analysis) and Kaizen time. Kaizen provides continual improvement and optimisation of the Application Platform. We always keep Kaizen and Remediation in balance so that higher-tier applications, which require more remediation time, also include more time for Kaizen.

Over time, Kaizen work can be used to improve the complexity, operability and reliability of the platform so that an application can be moved into lower tiers.

Looking for something a little more flexible? Our Platform Support service lets you pay for exactly what you need.

Sourced Group Cloud Platform Operations Delivery model

Frequently Asked Questions

How you would on-board a managed service?

Sourced Group has a formal onboarding process for new clients. We perform onsite Discovery sessions, study existing documentation and co-complete an onboarding questionnaire and operational readiness process with the client. Our team will therefore already have most of this information regarding the platform and can seamlessly manage the transition to the support service.

How would you respond to, and manage, alerts?

Alerts from our monitoring tools are managed by PagerDuty to create incident tickets in Jira. We then follow our incident management process to manage the resolution of the incident.

How do you implement monitoring?

During onboarding we work with the client’s subject matter experts to understand which processes need alerts and the resulting actions, which will be captured in the runbook of the client’s operations manual.

How do you create and manage technical and operational documentation?

Sourced Group’s wiki will be used for all documentation and knowledge management. All work undertaken will be documented by Sourced. This information will be made available to the client at all times during the project.

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