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Future-Ready Applications Drive Business

When an enterprise’s software is no longer fit for purpose, teams cannot quickly deliver necessary and differentiating features to market. They may experience high engineering turnover and cannot recruit high quality replacement engineers. Their software is expensive to run and maintain and may be of poor or outdated quality as legacy technologies and increasing technical debt lead to long, mostly manual release cycles which result in excess work-in-progress. Teams may also engage in poor engineering practices, outdated branching models, and manual instead of automated protocols.  It is not just the software that is the problem; the whole ecosystem may need modernisation.

With a comprehensive application modernisation strategy, teams can build technology that is designed to solve business problems and enable developers to write exciting code that reflects business goals by aligning architecture to business models. As organisations are forced to continually reassess their array of applications to determine whether they still support and provide adequate business value — application modernisation updates legacy application that best scales enterprise’s robust architectures.

For faster, safer and more reliable software releases, technology organisations need modernised applications. More than making individual applications better, application modernisation impacts the entire SDLC of the business. Sourced leverages and standardises on a common platform that codifies best practices using operational efficiencies – from sales, to ops, to business. 

Our highly trained teams architect and build cloud native solutions leveraging containerised microservices, serverless patterns, end-to-end automated CI/CD pipelines with a strict focus on security. Accelerating innovation paths require building custom solutions or blending with client teams to enhance skilling and velocity. 

Our experienced engineering teams build or extend the value of cloud-enabled software, developing applications on your product roadmap, building with cloud-native technologies and techniques such as microservices, containers, and serverless. 

Benefits of Application Modernisation:

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Increased Business Agility

Organisations with modernised applications have a better chance of providing efficient service to their suppliers and clients because it’s typically very difficult to add new features to legacy systems. Optimal applications feature well-managed databases, superior code structures, and flexibility to meet evolving business requirements.

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Better Security

95% of security incidents begin with human error. Whether these incidents are intentional, or the result of inadequate training or inefficient procedures, does not lessen the adverse impact that enterprises are exposed to. A common trend sees many enterprises trying to address these security challenges by simply extending their data centre practices and procedures to cloud environments. But such legacy code, practices or technology may lead to serious security concerns. For a good security posture, it’s necessary to identify all such legacy components and modernise them to mitigate security risks – bearing in mind that security needs a multi-pronged, ongoing approach.

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Innovation Unlocked

The vast majority of cloud’s predicted value is derived from cloud-afforded innovation, and freeing application teams’ time from duplicative, monotonous tasks through modernisation. This allows developers to build new customer-delighting features, unlocking cloud value. A higher level of automation also reduces the time needed to prototype new business ideas, which helps businesses innovate and scale rapidly.

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Cost Savings

Beyond the cost-savings that come from cloud migration, enterprises that keep their applications modernised stand to save big through effective and efficient development on current technical solutions. They also capitalise on cost savings from being much more elastic with cloud modernised applications (with the ability to scale up and down much more efficiently to meet demand and cost containment needs). 

Our Application Modernisation Service

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Application Assessment

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Developer Experience

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Platform Enablement and Training

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Domain Driven Design

Meeting your Needs

Sourced helps enterprises develop fit-for-purpose application and the underlying technology infrastructure to enable faster, safer releases.

Navigate a cloud journey by offering a comprehensive suite of cloud consulting services. Sourced can guide you through the process up front to help plan, migrate, build, and modernise the best cloud, hybrid-cloud, or multi-cloud environment to meet the unique needs of each organisation we partner with.

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Our Partnerships

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As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Sourced offers proven deployment frameworks and trusted design patterns which enable security-conscious organisations to unlock innovation and increase velocity.

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As a Microsoft Azure Gold Certified Partner, Sourced has the highest level of competence, expertise and capabilities for deploying our clients on the Azure cloud platform.

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As a Google Cloud Premier Consulting Partner, Sourced demonstrate the highest level of technical proficiency, expertise and impactful results with our clients.

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