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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud computing provider. Their API driven approach to infrastructure allows the removal of costly hardware and up-front capital expenses. Their forward thinking attitude to IT has attracted numerous enterprises looking to drive better value from their IT spend.

As the most mature cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the most services and features, enabling a broad range of options. The flexibility supported by this breadth of options means enterprises can meet the very specific needs of their first cloud workload. As the most popular public cloud infrastructure platform, supporting more than 40 per cent of application workloads in the public cloud, AWS can handle the most demanding requirements.

Sourced is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, offering proven deployment frameworks and trusted design patterns that enable security-conscious organisations to unlock innovation, increase velocity and embrace cloud at scale.

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Success Stories on AWS

Migration Competency

For almost a decade, Sourced has been assisting leading global enterprises in highly regulated industries to migrate their applications and workloads from physical datacentres to the AWS cloud platform.

As a trusted advisor, Sourced ensures that its clients understand cost-benefits and helps to define business objectives prior to launching their migration journey. Success metrics are clearly articulated and used as a guide to achieving this critical enterprise-wide transformation.

Drivers vary from cost reduction, datacentre exit to eliminating technical debt, enabling application elasticity and driving greater innovation. Once identified, one approach or a combination of approaches is selected, depending on the findings of a rigorous application portfolio assessment. Applications are then re-hosted, re-platformed, re-architected or retired depending on the client’s skills and capabilities, timelines and overall IT strategy.

Once migrated, Sourced works collaboratively with the client to enable a smooth transition to ongoing operational best practices by ensuring appropriate tool selection.

Rapid Delivery of Business Applications on AWS

Read how we migrated the production environment of an online foreign exchange company from their data centre to AWS

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Unlocking Developer Potential in Regulated Environments

Sourced presents at AWS Summit Singapore “Unlocking Developer Potential in Regulated Environments”

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DevOps Competency

At Sourced, we believe there’s a better way of doing IT, including DevOps.

With almost 10 years of AWS experience, our highly trained DevOps consultants are focused on delivering businesses outcomes that help drive enterprises forward in a split-second world. With some of the largest and most heavily regulated global enterprises as clients, we truly understand the challenges surrounding demands for ever-faster software delivery, without sacrificing governance and security.

We work side-by-side with client teams to truly understand business drivers and implement high-velocity application delivery frameworks that support software development. We believe that being deeply embedded in a client’s organization facilitates knowledge transfer and ensures the enterprise continues to be successful after the engagement.

Our opinionated approach to developer innovation on the cloud is both an art and a science that aims to:

  • Introduce automation as a way of reducing friction and standardising application delivery;
  • Ensure transparency and consistency through immutable workloads and infrastructure as code that eliminates long term technical debt;
  • Embed organisational risk, compliance and security postures into DevOps friendly pipelines at the beginning of the process, not as an afterthought.

We continue to work closely with our key strategic partners, most notably, AWS, Palo Alto, Datadog, Splunk, Puppet and Trend Micro amongst others to ensure that our clients continue to leverage the latest advances in technology.

Financial Services Capabilities

The global financial services industry is undergoing rapid evolution. Consumer demand for quality digital channels, driven by the “app economy”, is driving massive disruption. For financial institutions (FIs), it’s no longer possible to avoid change. In today’s world, standing still invites risk whereas embracing change helps to manage and reduce risk.

Sourced, in partnership with AWS, helps navigate this new terrain, charting a secure course and helping to bridge the gap between hyper-scale cloud technologies and the regulatory and operational requirements of global FIs. Our roots are in financial services, giving us an unrivaled understanding of the industry’s unique security and governance requirements.

Today, we leverage AWS on three continents to help FIs increase velocity, speed innovation and manage costs.

An AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Sourced’s strengths include a strong body of work across CCoE advisory, DevOps enablement, workload migration, and data intelligence. With an international reach, our strong team of certified AWS consultants is steeped in a culture of quality and innovation that ensures out-of-the-box thinking and successful business outcomes. In addition, Sourced-developed best practices and IP such as our Cloud at Scale Foundations™ program offer proven methodologies and a platform to accelerate the successful transformation of traditionally data centre-focused FIs into innovation-driven, cloud-based enterprises.

Our FI experience and expertise with AWS transcends technology to include people, tools and processes. This holistic approach ensures rapid and successful enterprise-wide cloud adoption with a focus on operational efficiency, reduced risk and value realisation.

Learn How RHB Bank Berhad Approached Compliance in the Cloud

Learn how RHB Bank Approached Compliance in the Cloud with this joint presentation by Sourced and RHB Bank at AWS Summit Singapore

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Seamless Adoption of Cloud Managed Services

Sourced Group were appointed to help motor finance specialist, Motonovo, with their seamless adoption of cloud managed services.

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AWS Cloud Managed Services

Managing AWS cloud platforms is not the same as managing a traditional data centre. It requires new patterns and practices, specialist tools and modern ways of working that maximise the return on your cloud investment. As a digital-native business, we have the skills and experience to handle your needs via on-demand platform support or focused platform operations engineering.

We have two offerings:

  • Platform Support – Our AWS engineers are there when you need them, either during business hours or 24×7. With this service, we help diagnose and troubleshoot problems in real-time as they arise. We also go a step further, offering best practice guidance to reduce risks and failure rates over time.
  • Platform Operations – If you’re looking to boost operational maturity, our full, application-centric cloud managed service will help. Working as an extension to your in-house team, our cloud and DevOps engineers focus on improving the reliability, security and cost-effectiveness of your cloud-hosted applications.
Learn more about our managed services
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Amazon Partner Network Rising Star ASEAN – 2018 AWS Partner Summit Singapore

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Amazon Partner Network Invent and Simplify – 2015 AWS Partner Summit ANZ

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Amazon Partner Network Customer Obsessed Partners – 2014 AWS Global Conference, Re:Invent

AWS Specialisations

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API Gateway

Sourced specialises in cloud engineering on AWS building cloud-native environments and microservices which utilise container and serverless technology using AWS services such as EKS/ECS, Fargate, Lambda and API Gateway. API Gateways provides a robust front door to API’s including Rate Limiting and authentication via API keys. These API’s can be backed via container solutions such as ECS or Serverless approaches in Lambda.

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Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

Sourced is an AWS Consulting Partner that leverages its technical expertise to deliver customized services. We have extensive experience delivering new Amazon RDS implementations, and migrating existing databases to Amazon RDS.

Amazon RDS is not only easy to use and cost effective but also has re-sizable capacity while automating time-consuming management tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backup.

Our engineers are skilled on several database types and will make recommendations to ensure that your services are optimised for memory, performance or I/O and can guide you through the options for services. Sourced can migrate and manage databases to Amazon RDS, following best practices so customers don’t have to worry about managing or updating their databases.

AWS Systems Manager Icon - Sourced Group

Sourced Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Specialisation

Sourced cloud platform engineering and managed cloud operations enhances visibility and control of your infrastructure on AWS. Sourced utilizes AWS Systems Manager to view operational data from multiple AWS services which enables automate operational tasks across AWS resources.

Sourced Group has been delivering successful large-scale cloud transformation programs on AWS to enterprises since 2010.

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