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Data-driven Transformation

From predicting customer behaviour to refining business processes and improving decision making, data is central to digital transformation success. However, finding then leveraging relevant information at scale can be a challenge.

Here at  Sourced, we  empower enterprises in highly regulated industries to get more from data. We bring proven cloud and data analytics expertise, and knowledge of the latest data technologies.

Data lakehouses combine the flexibility, cost-efficiency and scale of data lakes with the structure and management capabilities of data warehouses. The data mesh approach involves modern distributed architectures for analytical data management. We use both to make data more accessible in the cloud.

Benefits of Advanced Data Management and Analytics

Data management icon - Sourced Group

Make Better Decisions

  • Generate actionable insights faster with cloud-based data mesh design patterns
  • Build customer data platforms (CDPs) and turn data into new revenue streams with federated data governance to preserve business lead ownership
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Improve Operations

  • Process customer interactions to deliver enhanced experiences in mobile applications and across channels
  • Identify customer master records to provide a joined-up view and consolidate billing
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Reduce Risk, Aid Compliance

  • Accelerate data collection with standardised and secure data ingestion
  • Use data migration blueprints to support data platform modernisation, with built-in data sovereignty and observability to support compliance requirements
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Support Innovation

  • Enable faster development of AI-powered products using ‘data science in-a-box’
  • Speed up hypothesis testing with self-service portals to access data products

Expert Consultants, Leading Tech

We make it easier to extract data from legacy warehouses or platforms, so you can unleash insights from siloed information.

Our data analytics consultants use innovative technologies and approaches like data lakehouses and data mesh to unlock your data’s potential. They’ll develop an analytics roadmap that supports your business initiatives with the required data governance and control frameworks. This includes the development of data migration blueprints  and the implementation of proven data architecture design patterns.

What you getHow we deliver it
Data-driven decision makingOn-board data analytics and business users at an early stage. Ensure alignment with the business outcomes of identified use cases
Strong data governance and regulatory complianceProvide data protection and quality with access control and complete audit logs
Automation and operation efficiencyProcess measurement, removal of contention points, simplified stakeholder management

“Data is the new oil. We’ll help you harness its full potential to achieve more in the digital economy.”

Jean-Michel Coeur – Head of Data Analytics, Sourced Group

Data analysis

At Sourced, we don’t just focus on technology. Our holistic, data-driven approach also aids process improvement and change management. Harnessing our data and analytics expertise will enable you to focus on strategic business decisions that support innovation and growth.​ We fully understand the needs of highly regulated industries, and our expertise in automation as well as process and operational efficiency, underpins compliance with the strictest requirements.

Sourced holistic data drive approach diagram

Our Data Solutions

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Lakehouse and Data Mesh

Data lakehouses offer centralised data ownership whereas data mesh architectures are designed for distributed data ownership. We can help determine the best solution for your organisation based on your data management strategy.

During implementation we’ll provide support in the following areas:

  • Organising data by domain
  • Facilitating understanding between data producers and users by treating consumable data as a product
  • Defining the right data value chain to support your needs
  • Creating self-serve analytics capabilities
  • Developing centralised or federated data governance (depending on your needs)
Governance icon - Sourced Group

Data Governance and Control Framework​

We can support overarching data management strategies by ensuring policies, rules and access controls are applied across the entire organisation.

Our data governance and control framework includes:

  • Design and implementation of a business glossary
  • Development of a technical and operational data management plan
  • Implementation of a standardised data value chain
  • Creation of a built-in authorisation layer for data management services.
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Data Security and Sovereignty

As business becomes more global and interconnected, ensuring data meets requirements of the nation where it originated is vital. To address complex cross-border compliance requirements across geographies, we consider data sovereignty for all data movements in the public cloud.

We also implement the right data protection at all service levels based on data classification. This protects you from the potential financial and reputational impact of data breaches.

At Sourced, data security and sovereignty services encompass:

  • A unified market data platform with data migration blueprint
  • Data protection and services controls
  • Data sovereignty built into all data movements
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML and AI)

With ML, data can be harnessed to reveal customer trends and business operational patterns, or to support new product development. You can also automate repetitive learning and discovery through data by using AI for complex decision making.

Sourced can support your data-driven ML and AI initiatives through:

  • Automation of ML sandbox provisioning with secured data access
  • Rapid experimentation with model training and deployment in highly controlled environments

Our Partnerships

Splunk logo

Splunk Enterprise is a foundational building block for robust cloud adoption. As platforms & services become more dynamic in nature, the requirement for data driven actions through Operational & Application Intelligence becomes paramount. The Splunk platform provides a mechanism to collect, analyse and act at web scale.

Datadog logo

Datadog provides a modern monitoring solution that has been designed from the ground up for a new paradigm of application requirements. With their announcement of Microsoft Azure support, in addition to AWS, Datadog have become the premier SaaS based monitoring solution available today.

HashiCorp logo

HashiCorp was founded with the goal of revolutionizing datacenter management and is now the leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software. The HashiCorp software suite enables organizations to adopt consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application.

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