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Our Platform Service

Cloud is a proven technology platform, with security and reliability far more significant than any one organisation can implement or maintain itself. At Sourced, we encourage our clients to view cloud as more than a technology solution, but one that encompasses people, tools and processes. The adoption of cloud must be carefully considered, mapped, and aligned to organisational objectives for it to scale with enterprise growth.

Benefits of Public Cloud:

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Scale as Needed

Size your infrastructure based on real-time business demands and pay only for what you use.

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Reduce Time to Market

Take your products from idea to market faster than ever before leveraging the speed of cloud computing.

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Achieve Higher Resiliency

Embed operational resiliency with automatic failover and autoscaling in your application architecture.

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Lower Costs

Optimise efficiency and lower operating costs by monitoring and pooling resources.

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Move to Cap-Ex Free Infrastructure

Eliminate the capital expense associated with building server infrastructure and building / leasing data centers.

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Enhance Your Developer Experience

Enable innovation across your organisation by placing the power of cloud computing in the hands of your developers.

The Sourced Approach to Cloud Adoption

Technology innovation is primarily driven by the business areas closest to the customer, owing to a desire to compete and maintain an edge in the market. These initiatives become the catalyst for cloud adoption, often resulting in enterprises taking a hasty workload approach to cloud adoption with minimal involvement from the organisation’s central IT teams. As a workload approach is tailored solely to a specific workload, it can deliver short-term velocity but presents difficulties when the next wave of workloads begins their migration journey.

Based on over a decade of experience, Sourced consultants advise organisations to adopt the platform approach. This approach sees business units integrating tightly with the centralised IT team to form a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE), with a mission to build core cloud capability that can be leveraged and replicated across the entire enterprise. The platform approach allows for a consistent control plane across several applications and centralises functions such as networking, billing and security. The scalable foundation enables the cloud to operate as a platform with the workload being used as a masthead to drive delivery. This critical element of cloud adoption is an essential part of Sourced’s Cloud at Scale™ methodology.

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Cloud at Scale™

Sourced has developed a proven cloud agnostic solution to help enterprise clients launch their cloud initiatives. It’s designed to achieve early wins and lay the foundation for an ongoing cloud adoption journey. Aptly named Cloud at Scale™, this solution allows large enterprises in highly regulated industries to adopt cloud quickly, while ensuring strict governance and controls.

At the heart of the solution is a Sourced-built secure and compliant, enterprise-grade virtual data centre in the cloud, along with an initial set of pre-defined consumables (templates) that contain the enterprise’s security, compliance and deployment opinions. This virtual data centre becomes the foundation on which the entire cloud journey is built and grows — from a single workload, to 10, 100 and beyond.

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Our Platform Solutions

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Laying the Groundwork for Google Cloud

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Serverless Adoption Programme

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Building the core foundations for Cloud at Scale™

Our Partnerships

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As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Sourced offers proven deployment frameworks and trusted design patterns which enable security-conscious organisations to unlock innovation and increase velocity.

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As a Microsoft Azure Gold Certified Partner, Sourced has the highest level of competence, expertise and capabilities for deploying our clients on the Azure cloud platform.

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As a Google Cloud Premier Consulting Partner, Sourced demonstrate the highest level of technical proficiency, expertise and impactful results with our clients.

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