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Make Your Cloud Investment Work Harder

Sourced has developed a programme to help enterprise clients increase their cloud initiatives. It is designed to improve scalability and cost reduction aligning to a pay-as-you-go consumption model. It challenges enterprises to rethink what has been done in the traditional server-based approach and software delivery model, moving away from monolithic applications towards microservice-based architectures.

The Serverless Adoption Programme is a consulting and acceleration track designed to help security conscious and highly regulated organisations move towards Serverless-first, enabling innovation while ensuring strict compliance and governance.

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What do we Mean by Serverless-first?

Serverless can even be combined with containers or servers to create a hybrid architecture depending on particular application requirements.

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Education is the Key to Success.

Designing solutions for Serverless has different challenges and opportunities to server-based outcomes.

Our approach favours knowledge-sharing, examples, and inspiration coupled with practical and pragmatic recommendations for strategy and technology.

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It all Starts with Readiness…

A Serverless readiness assessment is done with your organisation to help identify where you are in your cloud journey and any potential risks towards becoming Serverless-first.

This will help us customise our consulting track to best suit your organisation’s unique situation, risk appetite, requirements and goals.

High-level Approach

The Serverless adoption programme is a combination of training, advocacy, and technology in areas such as DevOps, best practices, and example architecture. It is highly customisable to suit different organisations.

For example:
Application teams can start at any level with their upskilling, or skip this entirely, depending on their existing Serverless experience. On the technology side, organisations can implement an existing cloud management and DevOps strategy, or create a completely new parallel strategy that is optimised for Serverless.

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What is Serverless Architecture?

Serverless architecture is a way to build cloud-native software that will run on a server fully managed by a cloud provider instead of a server managed by your organisation. There are three ways to host a web application in the cloud:

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The Benefits

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Lesser Workload

Reduced scope of responsibility and effort

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Accurate operational and per-user cost estimation and tracking

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Highly reusable microservices (app store)

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Quality Access

Better access security (Principle of Least Privilege)

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Easy to manage time, budgets and teams (with the right PM)

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Lower Cost

Significantly lower maintanence cost

Not sure how to get started on your Serverless journey?

Take the first step with our Serverless readiness assessment.

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Interested in Learning More About Serverless?

Explore our collection of Serverless resources below:

Not sure how to get started on your Serverless journey?

Take the first step with our Serverless readiness assessment.