Building the Core Foundations for Cloud at Scale™

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Cloud at scale core foundations


Sourced has developed a proven solution to help enterprises launch strategic, well-planned cloud initiatives on public cloud. Called the Cloud at Scale™ Core Foundations, the framework is designed to achieve early wins and lay the foundation for an ongoing cloud adoption journey. In this whitepaper, Sourced demonstrates how the Cloud at Scale™ approach enables large enterprises in highly regulated industries to adopt cloud quickly while ensuring strict compliance and security.

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John Painter is the VP - Strategy and Innovation at Sourced Group. John is a veteran consultant and technologist and has been at the forefront of large scale cloud transformation programs within global enterprises since 2012. While having joined Sourced in Sydney, John has also spent three years based out of Singapore and is now residing in Toronto.

Thomas is a Lead Consultant at Sourced with over 18 years of experience in delivering digital products. He gained a passion for evangelising Serverless architecture through his enthusiasm for cloud and entry into the AWS Ambassador programme.

KangZheng is an up-and-coming AWS Cloud Engineer with two years of professional experience in architecting and implementing cloud solutions. He enjoys researching the latest technology trends and applying them to client projects.