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Understanding AWS Data Transfer Charges

Data transfer charges have a significant impact on total cost of ownership (TCO) in the cloud. However, many factors influence when charges are incurred and the amounts can vary too, which makes it hard to estimate costs upfront. 

In this video, KangZheng Li, one of our Associate Consultants, offers insights on AWS data transfer charges to help developers and architects with TCO estimations. He outlines some of the scenarios where charges apply (and where they don’t) explaining how the flow of data impacts pricing. KangZheng considers both server-based and serverless set-ups, offering tips on how data transfer costs can be managed more effectively. He also highlights charges that are commonly overlooked in estimations. Watch the video to find out more.  

KangZheng is an up-and-coming AWS Cloud Engineer with two years of professional experience in architecting and implementing cloud solutions. He enjoys researching the latest technology trends and applying them to client projects.