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Technical and Personable

At Sourced North America, we’re just as comfortable talking about cloud technologies as we are implementing them. We’re passionate about tech and our Canada and USA-based teams keep their skills sharp with tribal knowledge sessions where colleagues share personal stories about new learnings or challenges they’ve encountered.

Sourced stand at Collision
Hockey team building - Sourced Group

Building Trust

Candour, respect, and transparency are important to us. We believe every member of the team has something to contribute, and we create space for individual voices to be heard. The high level of participation in team events where people learn from and socialise with each other is testament to our culture of inclusivity.

North America Benefits Highlights

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Flexible working

This is something we live, breath and enable. We will always be passionate about integrating work around your home life.

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Training & tuition

Use your $2000 grant and 5 days study leave for training, certifications & conferences annually. Use it your way!

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Free Learning Subscriptions

Take your knowledge to the next level using your “A Cloud Guru” membership to upskill in various technology platforms.

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Golden Passport Program

Broaden your perspective and gain experience by working with different clients from around the globe.

Fostering Talent

We employ talented cloud consultants and engineers, then provide opportunities for them to thrive. You’ll find that we are humble rather than egotistical. We strive for excellence, but we are grounded and supportive of each other. Our multimedia production room enables us to share technical insights and expertise through videos and podcasts. We also have a music room with microphones, drums, guitars and a mixing desk. Friday karaoke sessions are a regular fixture, along with live band support.

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“Sourced Group has provided me with a lot of career flexibility and has helped me grow in areas I couldn’t imagine before. I can choose my own path based on my interests, and our leadership team is amazing with their focus on career development. I’ve also had the privilege of working with clients from Canada and USA as well as Australia and it’s been an eye-opener to see enterprises operate across the globe.”

Nan Jiang, Head of Consulting, Sourced Canada

Nan Jiang headshot - Sourced Group

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Take a look at our current job openings

Current Job Openings