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Team Building

Social activities are a cornerstone of life at Sourced in Singapore and Malaysia. It allows our team members to spend time together outside of work, developing great relationships in a fun inclusive environment.

Singapore beach cleanup - Sourced Group
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Operating with Integrity

Our culture is based on respect and integrity. We have the fortitude to stand up for what we believe is right, both internally and in our work with clients. We take care to deliver on our promises and build a positive environment where everyone can flourish.

ASEAN Benefits Highlights

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Flexible Working

This is something we live, breath and enable. We will always be passionate about integrating work around your home life.

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Training & Tuition

Use your $2000 grant and 5 days study leave for training, certifications & conferences annually. Use it your way!

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Free Learning Subscriptions

Take your knowledge to the next level using your “A Cloud Guru” membership to upskill in various technology platforms.

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Golden Passport Program

Broaden your perspective and gain experience by working with different clients from around the globe.

Celebrating Diversity

The heart of Chinese New Year is ultimately a celebration of home and family. In the Sourced family, we like to celebrate this time of the year with style and go big, hosting an array of events for our team members and clients.

Chinese new year celebrations - Sourced Group

“As a consultant with Sourced, I have the opportunity to work with large enterprises on their cloud adoption journey. At the same time, I’m part of a small but growing team of passionate professionals with diverse nationalities and backgrounds spread across three continents. This truly is a unique experience which I am very blessed to be a part of.”

Som Kapoor, Senior Consultant, Sourced Singapore

Somnath Kapoor - Sourced Group

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Take a look at our current job openings

Current Job Openings