Laying the Groundwork for Google Cloud

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Laying the groundwork Google Cloud white paper - Sourced Group


Sourced has had the privilege of working with a broad set of highly regulated enterprises, during varying stages of their cloud journey. Consolidating this experience, Sourced has refined an approach to Google Cloud adoption that focuses on building a robust foundational capability that can centralise compliance while allowing application teams to self-service their cloud infrastructure within appropriate guardrails.

This whitepaper provides a described approach for highly regulated enterprises to gain delivery velocity in the cloud while incorporating the broader organisation. The benefits of scalability, efficiency, and availability can be achieved by any organisation regardless of regulatory requirements. The common misstep of seeking rapid single-workload migrations can lead to technical debt and minimal re-usability, causing a diversion from the organisation’s cloud strategy and objectives. Long-term success for the whole of business change requires a thoughtful and measured approach in the early stages, leading to cloud maturity and on to Cloud at Scale™.

Download our whitepaper here.

Neil Brown is a Senior Consultant with Sourced Group in Sydney, Australia. He works with regulated enterprises to deliver cloud-led business and technology transformation.