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Application migration video - Sourced Group

Sourced Group’s John Sun and Google Cloud’s Trent Mifsud co-present a webinar on the approaches to application migration utilising Google Cloud’s platform and services.  

In this video, John demonstrates the intangible value of a secure and robust foundational cloud platform that scales with your organisation’s needs. He shares insights into the everyday challenges and pitfalls of organisational cloud transformation and approaches to cloud adoption with cloud-led business change and controls progressions.   

Google Cloud’s Partner Engineer, Trent Mifsud, then talks through the available migration paths and provides an introduction of the variety of industry-changing services that exist on GCP today, such as Google Compute Engine, Kubernetes, and BigQuery.  

Download the presentation here.

Assets available from Google Cloud:  

Google Foundations Toolkit

Credits for getting started with Google Cloud 

John is an experienced Senior Consultant at Sourced Group. With over ten years of experience, he pairs his deep technical expertise across cloud service providers and DevOps tooling with industry knowledge to help organisations deliver outstanding service to their customers.