The Secret Sauce of SME Internationalisation: Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Published by ASME, VP of Strategy and Innovation John Painter shares his six main ingredients to achieving business internationalisation.

In his article, John provides insight into furthering business growth, improving risk management through market diversification and how to get comfortable being uncomfortable. For entrepreneurs looking to take the first step beyond their home country, the prospect can be daunting. The key to succeeding in a new market is making your move at the right time and seeding it with the right people. The founding members should be leaders who have already captured the business know-how and your organisation’s cultural essence.

John Painter is the VP - Strategy and Innovation at Sourced Group. John is a veteran consultant and technologist and has been at the forefront of large scale cloud transformation programs within global enterprises since 2012. While having joined Sourced in Sydney, John has also spent three years based out of Singapore and is now residing in Toronto.

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