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Unlock the Value from Digital Transformation and DevOps

We are on the cusp of a new phase in Digital Transformation, where market leaders begin to progress from being digital players to being true digital transformers and disrupters, demonstrated through ambitious new business models and ecosystems.

DevOps has been proven to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of software delivery as well as improving staff morale and motivation.

Once DevOps has been established within an organisation, the results can be startling. High-performing IT organisations deploy 200 times more frequently than low performers, with 2,555 times faster lead times. They have 24 times faster recovery times and three times lower change failure rates. Lean management and continuous delivery practices create the conditions for delivering value faster, sustainably. High-performing IT teams spend 50 percent less time remediating security issues. And they spend 22 percent less time on unplanned work and rework.

High performance is achievable irrespective of whether your apps are greenfield, brownfield or legacy. Employees in high-performing teams were 2.2 times more likely to recommend their organisation as a great place to work. IT leaders play a critical role in promoting diversity and limiting burnout. Taking a lean approach to product development (for example, splitting work into small batches and implementing customer feedback) predicts higher IT performance and less deployment pain.

This whitepaper is written for technology leaders of large enterprises explains how DevOps is key to the success of any Digital Transformation initiative. We examine the different market pressures that are forcing organisations to digitally transform themselves and highlight specific examples in several key industries, demonstrate the relationship between DevOps and Digital Transformation and examine the problems that organisations are having in starting and scaling these initiatives.

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