IT Modernisation Program at an Australian Investment Bank

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IT modernisation program case study

Scaleable, Standardized and Repeatable Pipeline for AWS

Australia’s largest investment bank embarked on a multi year modernisation program including a data centre exit strategy in search for higher degrees of agility and system availability within their IT environment.


  • Complex current state (2,500 applications and 30 DC’s globally)
  • High failure rate of application releases due to manual deployment process
  • Limited standardisation of architecture reducing operational efficiency
  • Costly on premise infrastructure with capacity management challenges
  • Inflexible infrastructure unable to scale with organisation


  • Highly opinionated system enabling the delivery of 1,000+ cloud native applications built on AWS
  • Standardised and reusable infrastructure components that enforces baseline security that are pre-approved by security team
  • Application aware, pipeline-integrated compliance engine with built-in support exemptions, approvals and service owner reviews
  • Inclusion of self service application and developer on-boarding capability for non-production workloads


The global investment bank has successfully onboarded 1000+ applications and over 2000 EC2 instances, and is currently doing over 10,000 CI builds per month.

Business Agility

  • Rapid delivery of business applications
  • Reduction in technical debt

Operational Resiliency

  • Improved platform reliability, scalability and availability
  • Reduced business risk during software releases (Blue/Green deployments)
  • Improved security and compliance (enforcement of app aware controls)

Workforce Productivity

  • Modern DevOps practice employed
  • Shift to self-service culture (decoupled from external constraints)