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Case study -Query Rewrites Enhance Performance

About the Client

Preqin empowers alternative assets investors and advisers with data, insights, and solutions. It serves more than 90,000 industry professionals worldwide by leveraging insights from a database hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. We were engaged to mitigate performance issues following a period of rapid growth.

Challenge: Too Many Timeouts

Following rapid growth and high demand, Preqin’s systems were under extreme pressure. The quantity of data on its central RDS MSSQL database, coupled with a surge in users was compromising performance. Lengthy page loads and report timeouts were causing problems for users.

Solution: Traffic Analysis Reveals Problem Queries

Our efforts to mitigate these issues began with web traffic analysis. We used Solarwinds DPA to monitor traffic and identify which query types ran most frequently and heavily against the database. Then we used Dynamic Management Views within the SQL server to ascertain where the issues lay.

Outcome: Streamlining Reduces Page Load Times

To cut wait times and reduce strain on Preqin’s system, our engineers focused on making better use of Amazon RDS. This optimisation work has enabled internal and external applications using the database to operate more smoothly and reliably, providing a better customer experience.

Alongside the database optimisation, we are providing Preqin with platform support whereby engineers tackle technical issues before they escalate. When an incident arises that can’t be dealt with in-house, it’s quickly passed on to our team for remediation. Our certified cloud engineers offer fast resolution of incidents, reducing mean-time-to-recover (MTTR) which improves system availability and reduces the risk of user disruption.

“[The team] quickly identified the root cause of the performance issues we were experiencing, then put effective measures in place to get us back on track.”

Dave Boxall
Head of Information Security at Preqin

This case study is based on work completed by DevOpsGroup before the team joined forces with Sourced Group, an Amdocs company.