Event Driven Framework for Government Owned Media Organisation

Serverless Data Pipeline to Support Content Recommendations Engine

ABC was looking to improve its end user experience by building an event management framework that allows it to make customised content recommendations based on the usage patterns of the websites and applications’ visitors.


ABC wanted to target an increased market penetration by enabling an events ingestion and analytics platform in order to make targeted content recommendations to visitors of their websites and applications.

  • Need to increase machine learning capability to automate the ability to make targeted content recommendations
  • Need to integrate AWS native services with an off-the-shelf data analytics tool that the ABC team had already selected


  • Sourced architected, designed and implemented the platform for the roll-out of the event management framework at ABC
  • The platform leveraged AWS native services including EMR, Kinesis, Redshift and ElasticSearch to integrate with an off-the-shelf data analytics tool
  • Events from websites and applications were aggregated to an ingestion point in AWS and leveraged to produce recommendations regarding articles, videos and other content types to visitors


  • Website users were able to receive targeted content recommendations which increased web site engagement for ABC
  • Content editors were able to see live data on what is currently trending allowing faster reactions to popular or developing stories
  • By moving beyond an off the shelf analytics tool, ABC were able to ingest events not only from their web site but also from within their various mobile applications

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