AWS Data Transfer Charges for Server and Serverless Architecture

Published by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Senior Consultant Thomas Smart and Associate Consultant KangZheng Li, in collaboration with AWS, provide an insight into AWS data transfer charges for server and Serverless architectures.

In this blog, the authors uncover some hidden truths essential to accurate cloud cost estimations with the development of two key insight visuals. The first insight visual taps into the existing data transfer charge research, then augments it by providing up-to-date server-focused data transfer costs.

The second insight visual is a brand-new initiative highlighting the AWS data transfer costs relevant to Serverless architecture. By having visibility on such charges, enterprise users can now have a more comprehensive view of their total cost of ownership upon moving their application to the cloud, especially if they choose to adopt Serverless architecture for new applications.

Thomas is a Lead Consultant at Sourced with over 18 years of experience in delivering digital products. He gained a passion for evangelising Serverless architecture through his enthusiasm for cloud and entry into the AWS Ambassador programme.

KangZheng is an up-and-coming AWS Cloud Engineer with two years of professional experience in architecting and implementing cloud solutions. He enjoys researching the latest technology trends and applying them to client projects.

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