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Blog - Sourced Group Accelerates Singapore Airlines’ Cloud Adoption Journey

Essential frameworks delivered in six weeks; 14x increase in application update velocity

SINGAPORE/SYDNEY/TORONTO, June 13, 2019 – Sourced Group (Sourced), a global IT consulting firm specialising in large scale cloud transformations, is pleased to be engaged by Singapore Airlines (SIA) in its digital transformation program. Working jointly with SIA, Sourced helped modernise the airline’s application development process by establishing a new cloud delivery pipeline. As part of the engagement, Sourced also helped migrate applications from SIA’s data centre to the AWS Cloud and provided training in cloud and modern DevOps processes.

Cloud adoption and application development modernisation are elements of SIA’s digital transformation program. The program will enable the airline to better serve its global customer base through increased agility and innovation.

Sourced delivered the essential AWS Cloud infrastructure, application pipelines and compliance templates (including the extensive security and controls necessary to meet regulatory requirements) in six weeks using its Cloud at Scale™ Core Foundations program.  The program shortens lead times and enables enterprise clients in regulated industries to realise early benefits of cloud adoption.

Sourced was also involved in the adoption of modern application development methods, including continuous delivery and rolling immutable infrastructure to enable high velocity application updates. Through automation using serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, SIA can make changes to an application in a matter of minutes and build multiple versions of the application per business day without downtime using Sourced’s blue/green deployment methodology. This rapid creation of environments and dramatic increase in production release velocity has been key to accelerating innovation and customer outcomes in Singapore Airlines.

In addition, SIA gained heightened visibility into key operations with the release of an early warning system that provides the airline with real-time reporting and SLA management of their downstream APIs, dependant services and providers. Sourced further transformed SIA’s operational environment with the implementation of real-time booking metrics, replacing a daily manual reporting process with automated, five-minute interval updates of overall booking loads.

“We are delighted to be a strategic partner for SIA in support of their cloud-first strategy,” says John Painter, Managing Director – ASEAN, Sourced Group. “Working closely with the SIA team, we were able to rapidly deliver a secure and resilient cloud native platform built on AWS and introduce new application development concepts to the organisation. It’s exciting to work with an innovative and forward-thinking client that shares an aligned vision. This is a fantastic direction for SIA, and key to long term strategic success. We’re deeply committed to the future success of SIA and the ASEAN region and look forward to continuing a long-term, mutually rewarding relationship with both.”

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