Certis Selects Sourced Group as Strategic Partner for Migration to the AWS Cloud

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Cloud adoption program follows Certis’ transition to integrated operations-technology provider

Singapore/Sydney/Toronto, May 6, 2019 – Sourced Group (Sourced), an award-winning global IT consulting firm specialising in large-scale cloud transformations for enterprise clients, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Certis, a leading advanced integrated security services firm, as a strategic partner to support its digital transformation journey on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Certis, headquartered in Singapore with operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, China and the Middle East, is a S$1.2 billion corporation with 34,000 employees. Certis recently completed a three-year journey to transform from a physical guard services provider to a unique specialist operations-technology (ops-tech) outsourcing provider with advanced security and technology at its core. As part of its evolution, the company has expanded its industry-leading ops-tech capabilities and now delivers Security+ solutions. Certis’ Security+ approach combines advanced security, facilities management and guest management into a single holistic service, supported and underpinned by technology.

Sourced will deliver essential cloud infrastructure and security frameworks using its Cloud at Scale™ Core Foundations program, built on AWS. The program shortens lead times and enables clients to accelerate the benefits of cloud adoption whilst maintaining strict security and compliance requirements.

Sourced’s solution is also used to secure Certis’ next-generation Officer Support System, ARGUS, that enables Certis CISCO, Singapore’s largest Auxiliary Police Force and Certis CISCO Aviation Security Officers to boost their situational awareness and better protect life and property in an ever-changing threat environment. Developed by Certis, ARGUS is a unique, feature-rich, all-in-one, task-based command and control solution. It operates as an application in the security officers’ smart phone devices, and enables them to be more efficient and productive by harnessing technology in their operations. By streamlining security reporting, tasking, action and monitoring processes into a single platform, operations become more efficient.

Certis embraced the operational efficiency of the AWS Cloud, with their Secure+ Officer Support System and Control platform leveraging several key AWS services including native services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS).

“Migrating additional workloads to the public cloud is the logical next step in our transition and in our ability to combine advanced security, facilities management and customer service into a single holistic offering that delivers superior customer outcomes,” says Chua Chwee Koh, Chief Group Technology & Operations, Certis. “Our unique environment, with data-intensive workloads requiring stringent operational and security controls, demands a world-class cloud solution. Sourced’s extensive track record in secure cloud migration and governance for regulated industries gave us the confidence to select them as our strategic partner, with the AWS Cloud as a key enabling platform.”

“We are delighted to be a named a strategic partner for Certis as they embark on their transformation journey,” says John Painter, Managing Director – ASEAN, Sourced Group. “Certis is investing heavily in their cloud program, and we look forward to working with them to implement the advanced operational capabilities enabled by the AWS Cloud. Certis is uniquely positioned to realise the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide truly differential threat and operational intelligence. It is a pleasure to work with the Certis team, as our teams share a common vision of innovation and service excellence. We look forward to helping Certis accelerate its capabilities, provide extensive skills transference, and developing a long-term, mutually rewarding relationship.”

About Certis
Certis is a leading advanced integrated security organisation that develops and delivers multi-disciplinary security and integrated services. As a unique specialist operations-technology outsourcing partner, Certis integrates advanced security, technology, facilities management, customer service and talent to build and operate bespoke solutions for complex, critical operations that extend beyond security. Our design-for-purpose solutions are led by an extensive track record of running operations and design thinking to drive operational efficiencies and deliver business-critical outcomes for our customers. Certis is headquartered in Singapore, with an international presence that extends to Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia and the Middle East. We are a trusted partner committed to our clients’ successes, delivered through our 34,000-strong global team which includes 16,000 in Singapore. Discover more at www.certisgroup.com

About Sourced Group
Sourced is a global consulting firm that helps organisations make the most of cloud computing with a focus on security, governance and compliance. With nearly a decade of experience and offices in Australia, Canada and Singapore, Sourced provides professional services that secure, migrate and manage hyperscale cloud infrastructure for enterprise clients. We specialise in organisation-wide cloud transformation and enablement for highly regulated industries, including financial services, aviation, healthcare and telecommunications. Our proven deployment frameworks, managed services and trusted design patterns enable security-conscious organisations to unlock innovation, increase velocity and embrace cloud at scale. www.sourcedgroup.com

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