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Somnath (Som) is a Principal Consultant at Sourced with over 4 years of cloud consulting experience in regulated financial institutions. In his time at Sourced his areas of focus have been in developing cloud platforms, and being a trusted advisor in cloud security and solution architecture.
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CTRAG – A Walkthrough

Cloud adoption for financial services is well underway globally, and with the impending release of the Cloud Technology Risk Assessment Guidelines (CTRAG – currently in draft) the central bank of Malaysia is moving to ensure that both Institutional and Neo banks under its jurisdiction are provided with clear and updated guidelines as they embrace the […]

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Forging Organisational Cloud Compliance at Scale with AWS

Introduction When large and highly regulated organisations shift workloads to the cloud, these environments come laden with requirements for robust oversight. Stakeholders have a ‘zealous’ focus on the requisite governance models, security infrastructure, and risk controls being associated with the cloud. At Sourced, we work closely with these organisations to meet these challenges and deploy robust frameworks to meet these requirements and mitigate risks – all while using AWS-available tools. In this blog, Sourced consultants walk you […]

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