Enterprise Cloud at Scale

Large-scale Enterprise Cloud Transformation

Cloud computing is a complex and fast-paced environment for any organisation, but even more so for large enterprises that are security-conscious and often highly regulated. At Sourced, we have a proven track-record of transforming traditional data centre-focused businesses into innovation-driven cloud-based enterprises, without compromising on security, governance and compliance requirements.

Enterprise Cloud Migration

We work with you to design and implement a plan for efficiently migrating your workloads to your choice of cloud platform(s) at scale, backed by a proven CI/CD framework that manages risk effectively.

DevOps Enablement

Improve business agility by implementing advanced DevOps Tools and Processes that integrates with your existing security and governance models. We also offer training, workshops and customized knowledge transfer options.

Security & Compliance

Leveraging our proactive governance approach to cloud, our solutions provide security-conscious enterprises with very tight control over how they manage and control the custody of their data.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our consulting practice is focused on large-scale enterprise cloud transformations by leveraging the best-of-breed cloud technologies that meet the requirements of the most risk-averse organisations. From assessment to implementation, we take care of the whole of business enterprise cloud transformation.  We are trusted as business and technology partners, from corporate leaders guiding the company and challenging our skills, to those more junior whom we mentor and help implement the projects on which we engage.

Cloud Security

A secure cloud platform is the foundation for any cloud transformation initiative

  • Proactive and reactive controls
  • Encryption standards
  • Network security
  • Identity and access management

Governance Risk & Compliance

Run workloads with a high-degree of control and visibility

  • Control audits & delivery
  • Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) transformation
  • Executive cloud governance
  • Program delivery
  • Cloud project health checks and recovery

Core Foundations

A proven platform that accelerates the time it takes to successfully transform traditionally data centre-focused businesses into innovation-driven cloud-based enterprises.

Core Foundations

  • Cloud Platform Architecture
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Infrastructure and Application Pipeline
  • Multi-Cloud Strategy

Workload Migration

We leverage advanced automation and application delivery techniques to strategically and tactically migrate IT workloads to the cloud.

Workload Migration

  • Workload Assessment
  • Workload Migration Roadmap
  • Enterprise Applications including Pega BPM, MUREX, Enterprise Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and Enterprise Content Management

DevOps Enablement

We provide an opinionated approach to developer innovation on the cloud to create an application delivery framework to support software development.

DevOps Enablement

  • Workload Architecture & Migration
  • SDLC Enablement Via CI/CD
  • Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Automation

Data Intelligence

With a well-implemented secure cloud environment and a strong data strategy, we help our customers innovate faster and derive greater value from their cloud-based data sets.

Data Intelligence

  • Big Data
  • Database Migration
  • Database Optimisation
  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Data Lake
  • Business Intelligence

We leverage best of breed cloud technology to meet client requirements.

Our Approach to Cloud Computing

Cloud adoption is more than just migrating traditional on-premise systems to the cloud. In addition to understanding utility computing, it is about focusing on the people, tools and processes that enables large-scale, material change. At Sourced, we not only help your organisation plan, build, and run your cloud infrastructure, we also put in place effective security and compliance controls.

  • Build is much easier than run

    At Sourced we know that the design and implementation of a solution is only part of the picture. Our team is acutely aware that design decisions on day-1 can have a material impact on the operational burden of a solution on day-2. Our design patterns have security, scale and supportability as a primary objective from the ground up.

  • Hyperscale Cloud at Scale

    We strongly believe that native is the only way to harness the true value of Cloud at scale. We’ve got customers operating thousands of applications that are underpinned by the provisioning of hundreds of thousands of OS instances per month, this has taught us what works at scale.

  • DevOps Tools & Processes (Application Delivery Frameworks)

    Cloud is a natural evolution of the Infrastructure-as-Code movement. Only now we’re not only orchestrating and managing nodes but entire virtual data centres. In order to safely manage the code that drives this outcome technologists organisation-wide will need to act more like developers.

We help enterprises get the most out of Cloud Services with a focus on security, governance and compliance.