The Ever-Changing Landscape of Public Cloud Security

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Hosted by Google’s Developer Group (GDG), the virtual event DevFestAB: Let’s Build the Pipelines of the Future, invited Sourced’s experienced cloud consultants to present on their expertise with Google Cloud in highly-regulated industries.

In this video, Nan Jiang and Tom Chan take you through cloud principles for security-conscious enterprises. With a focus on the importance of preventative and detective controls, this presentation provides insight into the proven control methodologies that Sourced uses when working with large enterprise clients. The team also talks to the open-source Google Cloud security offerings available and finishes up with a live demo. 

Nan is a Senior Consultant with Sourced Group, who began his career in hardware and software engineering. With over 12 years of experience, he specialises in architecting public cloud solutions for highly-regulated financial institutions.

Tom began his career in technology over 13 years ago, working in the Telecommunications and the FSI industries as Lead Technical Consultant. Since joining Sourced in 2018, Tom now focuses on security-conscious cloud infrastructure design, DevSecOps pipeline architecture and cloud migration.