Cloud Maturity Assessment for a Large Retail Bank

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Cloud maturity assessment

Cloud Governance & Controls Assessment

A leading multinational financial services provider and Canada’s most international bank adopted public cloud as part of their “digital bank” initiative to deliver greater customer engagement and drive material transactions through digital channels.


The customer had already established and operationalised their cloud platform and control framework.  They requested a review be performed to ensure consumption was aligned with the documented practices. Sourced Group was commissioned to assess the maturity of their Cloud adoption controls and governance practices focused in the following areas:

  • Operational effectiveness of platform controls
  • Security & operational risk vectors
  • Prioritised action plans to remediate risk & improve platform governance


  • Sourced Group delivered a FSI focussed “Cloud Governance and Controls Review” assessing the customer’s public cloud maturity posture and provided independent recommended action plan for the remediation of gaps, risks & issues with options for accelerating the maturity model.
  • Sourced developed “scorecard assessment” was used to assess organisational maturity & alignment across many areas from regulatory & internal compliance to control breach scenarios and effective control management.
  • The assessment produced a report demonstrating findings including triaged action plan for remediation


Documented action plan providing:

  • Improved compliance and security control adoption
  • Matured controls governance framework
  • Improved governance charter and stakeholder/regulator alignment
  • Increased controls accountability and effectiveness
  • Improved security response plans