Assessment Improves Organisational Readiness for Cloud Migration

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Case Study - Assessment Improves Organisational Readiness for Cloud Migration

About the Client

Mayden is a UK-based company specialising in cloud-based software that supports healthcare services to deliver patient-centred, outcome-focused, and data-driven care. Its clinical software iaptus is used by public, private and voluntary sectors in the UK and internationally. In the UK alone, iaptus manages patient care for more than 100 National Health Service (NHS) organisations, securely holding the records of more than 6.5 million patients.

Sourced Group an Amdocs Company (Sourced) were appointed to conduct a cloud migration assessment for Mayden ahead of its planned move to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This resulted in:

  • Identification of priorities and potential challenges to inform and accelerate decision-making and the migration process.
  • Preparation of a focused business case and migration readiness report, with potential cost savings, demonstrated.
  • Quick progression to the mobilise and migrate phases of AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) following the assessment.

Challenge: Maintaining Stringent Standards in the Cloud

To better support its growing customer base and with further plans to expand internationally, Mayden was considering the migration of its infrastructure from a multi-cloud service provider to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The goal was to enhance the scalability of the infrastructure while simplifying its management across regions. As a healthcare-focused technology business, maintaining along with improving strict security and compliance standards was a high priority.

While Mayden had strong existing knowledge of cloud and DevOps, the team wasn’t familiar with the requirements of a large-scale migration to AWS. Recognising the need to add to its existing experience and capacity to ensure success in the cloud, Mayden sought expert third-party guidance and support for early-stage decision-making.

Sourced was engaged to conduct a thorough migration assessment as part of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

Solution: Collaborative Approach Reveals Vital Insights

Mayden, AWS and Sourced worked on creating a migration readiness report and directional business case. Standard AWS processes, such as the Migration Readiness Assessment and discovery workshops, were led by Sourced consultants who collated and analysed the data before making strategic recommendations.

Discovery workshops focused on infrastructure, operability and workloads. Mayden provided an extract of its current multi-cloud environment so Sourced could generate an estimated AWS footprint. This enabled a comparison of monthly hosting costs for the existing estate versus an equivalent hosting on AWS.

The discovery sessions also enabled Sourced to build an understanding of operational requirements that would shape the cloud migration, allowing for focused recommendations to be made. Using these insights, Sourced was able to ascertain which workloads would be good candidates for pilot migrations during the ‘mobilise’ phase of MAP.

One of the critical requirements explored during the assessment was the need for Mayden’s infrastructure to connect with the NHS intranet, the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN). This presented additional challenges and design considerations for the cloud migration in terms of the network itself and wider factors such IP address planning.

“Working with Sourced allowed us to retain ownership of the migration to AWS while benefiting from expert capacity, knowledge and insights. The team was instrumental in helping us land safely in AWS, thanks to their attention to detail and adaptability.”

Simon Marshall
Linux System Engineer, Mayden

Outcome: Proposals Underpin Fast, Secure Migration

Taking Mayden’s timescales and technical requirements into account, Sourced recommended a lift-and-shift migration to AWS with workload modernisation beginning soon after the move. This addressed the key business challenge of exiting the multi-cloud service provider while ensuring the development of a robust platform that can be modernised to take advantage of AWS’ superior security and scalability.

The business case demonstrated cost savings that could be made in AWS irrespective of workload modernisation. Alongside this, the migration readiness report indicated steps that could be taken to enable a secure, accelerated migration, in line with AWS’ Cloud Adoption Framework. These included establishing a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE).

Following on from the assessment, Sourced undertook the mobilise and migrate phases of AWS MAP on Mayden’s behalf. The mobilise phase involved three core workstreams – migration planning, landing zone creation and pilot migrations. A ‘do, show, teach’ approach was adopted to upskill and empower Mayden’s own engineers as the migration progressed.

“Sourced embraced this project with a solid plan but a willingness to adapt, handling complex networking requirements in remarkably short timescales. Our own engineers’ understanding of DevOps and deployment principles were further strengthened during the next phase of activity. Working alongside Sourced’s cloud consultants and engineers, they learnt from the best in the business.”

Tom Dawson
Product owner for the systems team, Mayden