Pega on Azure

Leverage the Sourced expertise to get your Pega Platform on Azure.

Are you struggling with…

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    Hosting multiple Pega environments across several servers in on-premise datacentres
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    Server data capacity constraints increasing time to market for new products and offerings
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    Workload contention
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    Lack of appropriate tooling
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    Shared infrastructure making it difficult to troubleshoot issues

Are you looking to…

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    Empower your Pega developers
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    Simplify your capacity planning
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    Build repeatable environments and stop manual intervention
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    Leverage Microsoft Azure’s ability to scale
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    Manage costs by moving to pay per use billing
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    Size and scale your environments to match the needs of your business

Sourced enables highly regulated and security conscious organisations to drive the development of Business Process Management and Case Management applications through Pega on Azure

The Benefits

Leverage the best of Azure

Take advantage of PaaS offerings to give you the latest security and operational benefits

Change the way you manage Pega

Manage your environments on demand, giving you a faster time to value and rapid feedback

Secured by default

Meet the requirements of your security-conscious and regulated organisation utilising hardened patterns


Ensure operational resiliency with automatic failover and autoscaling

Disaster Recovery

Options to meet your RTOs and RPOs through the use of secondary regions and Azure SQL Replication

Transparent Billing

Avoid co-tenancy and leverage easy to manage billing and cost of ownership

The Sourced Solution

Sourced’s Pega on Azure approach combines innovative CI/CD techniques, Infrastructure as Code, and years of experience delivering Cloud at Scale™. The solution enables organisations to be agile in deploying business processes, empowers developers and takes full advantage of the Microsoft Azure and Pegasystems Platform.

Infrastructure Pipeline

Branch-based blue/green deployments enabling independent feature testing and seamless production roll-outs


Proactive monitoring and management, ensuring maximum performance and operational resiliency


Leverage built-in resiliency features such as failover groups, autoscaling, health probes, and availability zones


Pega Platform deployed on top of supported Azure PaaS offerings using Infrastructure as Code for a turnkey deployment solution

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