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AWS Outposts Global Launch Partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched AWS Outposts at Re:Invent 2018. This year, adding to their previous announcement, AWS has selected Sourced as a global launch partner to participate in evaluating and delivering the service. Sourced is proud to have been selected as a global launch partner capable of enabling AWS Outposts within highly regulated organisations that want to move to the cloud but have strict latenc and data security policies.

What is AWS Outposts?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts brings native AWS services, infrastructure, APIs, and managed IaaS services to virtually any data centre or on-premises location. Sourced Group is a global launch partner for the new service and has pre-built capabilities and training ahead of the global announcement at re:Invent 2019. As a global launch partner, Sourced has invested in training, research, and local skills in all major markets including ANZ, Asia, and North America.

AWS Outposts brings the power and simplicity of AWS APIs, tools, and infrastructure services to almost any location to provide a truly consistent hybrid experience. Unlike other hybrid topologies that commonly represent a discrete and disconnected pillar of IT services, AWS Outposts seamlessly extends the existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking and common APIs within client premises. This significantly reduces the complexity and investment required to run and maintain hybrid environments.

At the time of global launch, all of the core AWS services are enabled, with support for multiple compute and storage options. As a global partner, our exclusive perspectives on the product roadmap suggests a much wider ecosystem of services that will be available shortly, unlocking even the most sophisticated of workloads. AWS Outposts has a strong focus on security, with features such as built in physical encryption.

Technical Benefits of AWS Outposts

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Low Latency Connectivity

For workloads that are highly latency sensitive, or process very large amounts of data, the co-location of AWS Outposts is ideal.

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Local Data Processing

For applications that require very large amounts of data processing where volumes would be cost prohibitive to transmit over Direct Connect.

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Consistent Experience

AWS Outposts maintains a consistent API, allowing existing automation systems and controls to be seamlessly extended into the hybrid environment.

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Regional Computing

For geographies that are not well served by existing AWS regions (particularly in Asia), Outposts enables local, low latency services to be deployed into regional areas.

Industry Use Cases for AWS Outposts

With nearly a decade of experience deploying cloud within highly regulated, security-conscious enterprises, we can apply our real-world experience when considering how AWS Outposts can be deployed within the following industries.

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Financial Services

Lowering latency to exchange and processing centres

For many transaction systems that interface with an exchange, proximity and latency are an important consideration. Moving compute and data processing closer to the exchange or key transactional systems may be necessary for some applications.

Remote processing

For applications requiring processing at a counterparty, an AWS Outpost could be used to place local compute at the counterparty without the need for complex networking and peering arrangements.

Providing active-active or warm standby applications

For applications demanding the highest possible uptime, Outposts allows applications to be deployed with nodes stretched across native AWS and Outposts, allowing maximum uptime if the interconnected networking was to fail. This also opens multiple “split horizon” topologies, allowing internal users to access a service via a Low Latency Outpost, and public users via existing public networks.

Data processing

For large grid applications, local compute may reduce data transfer requirements, significantly lowering data transfer costs. Batch processing may be completed locally with the results sent seamlessly to other AWS compute services.

Opening regional centres

Open new applications and user experiences in regions not currently serviced by an existing region.

Data caching and masking hubs

Use AWS Outposts to connect directly to on-premise data stores and provide data masking or caching services to upstream native services.

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Localised computing services

Provide local VDI and data services directly inside large regional hubs, providing the fastest and best possible experience for staff.

Local IoT aggregation hubs

Provide a low latency, high bandwidth offload hub for IoT data arriving on aircraft, for caching and transmission into other native services.

Real-time CCTV offload

Offload CCTV, security monitoring, and other high bandwidth, latency sensitive applications to a local AWS Outpost.

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Image processing

Process vast amount of medical imaging data in the local facility and apply machine learning models directly to large diagnostic data sets as they arrive.

Manage data compliance

Sensitive patient records can be processed locally without leaving the existing facilities, aiding data compliance.

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Customer compute options

Provide AWS services directly from regional exchanges and existing data centre estates.

Low latency voice applications

For applications requiring very low latency connectivity, such as sensitive voice applications, an AWS Outpost can be deployed close to the customer edge, or key contact centres.

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