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Building the Right Foundations for the Enterprise Cloud

Today, cloud computing is a proven technology platform that delivers multiple benefits to large enterprises in terms of flexibility, velocity, and the ability to innovate in the same way as agile start-ups. At Sourced, we believe that in order to realise the complete benefits of cloud computing, organisations must adopt a cloud-at-scale approach, not the typical app-centric or one-off approach that can cause significant problems, including mis-alignment with the organisation’s security and governance posture, technical debt, runaway cloud consumption, and the real possibility of data breaches.

In addition, enterprise cloud initiatives can often fall victim to a great deal of hype. When expectations aren’t met, they fall into a “trough of disillusionment” where cloud adoption slows or stops completely with no path to full, enterprise-wide production.

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Cloud at Scale™ Core Foundations on AWS

Sourced has developed a proven solution to help enterprises launch strategic, well-planned cloud initiatives on AWS . It’s designed to achieve early wins and lay the foundation for an ongoing cloud adoption journey. Called the Cloud at Scale™ Core Foundations, this solution allows large enterprises in highly regulated industries to adopt cloud quickly, while adhering to strict compliance and security requirements.

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Building the Core Foundations on AWS Cloud

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