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Jon Spinks is a former UNIX engineer and Sun Microsystems-faithful who now finds himself on the constant learning journey of being a CEO. After founding Sourced Group in 2010 in Sydney, Australia, he is now based out of Toronto, Canada and spends most of his time focused on helping enterprises manage the impact of Cloud. After 10 years (and counting) of growing Sourced into a well respected international cloud consultancy, he is proud to be working with some of the smartest minds in the industry to deliver against the promise of providing differential value to its clients.
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Sourced: Ten Years On

Towards the end of 2019, as our leadership team huddled together in Toronto to refresh our organisation’s strategy for the upcoming year, it was impossible to imagine the challenges 2020 would bring. Yet here we all are, together but separate. As we work our way through the turmoil and uncertainty that COVID-19 has wrought on […]

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