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Max is a lead consultant at Sourced and brings over 15 years of extensive experience in security and risk management. His expertise lies in identifying and solving complex security and compliance issues, both at technology and process level.
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Security In The Cloud

Introduction The pervasive “aaS” (as a Service) models introduced by cloud computing, combined with the use of declarative infrastructure-as-code and controls-as-code has radically altered how we think about securing enterprise environments. For those of us who have been in the field for some time, adapting our security reasoning the public cloud requires not just a […]

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CTRAG – A Walkthrough

Cloud adoption for financial services is well underway globally, and with the impending release of the Cloud Technology Risk Assessment Guidelines (CTRAG – currently in draft) the central bank of Malaysia is moving to ensure that both Institutional and Neo banks under its jurisdiction are provided with clear and updated guidelines as they embrace the […]

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