We specialise in managing and engineering leading enterprise technologies chosen for their proven reliability, security and scalability.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the leading provider in cloud computing. Their API driven approach to infrastructure allows the removal of costly hardware and up-front capital expenses. Their forward thinking attitude to IT has attracted numerous enterprises looking to drive better value from their IT spend.


Splunk Enterprise is a foundational building block to the robust adoption of cloud.  As platforms and services become more dynamic in nature the requirement for data driven actions through Operational & Application Intelligence becomes paramount.  The Splunk platform provides a mechanism to collect, analyse and act at web scale.


Puppet Labs are the leading provider of enterprise grade configuration management and automation tools. Their technology facilitates the deployment of critical business applications, reduces configuration drift and proactively manages infrastructure.


Adobe have been building a catalogue of enterprise ready, feature rich, end-to-end solutions for web content management. Their AEM platform has a proven track record as a critical component in numerous large scale CMS refresh projects many of which include a migration to Cloud services.


Rackspace have solidified themselves globally as the premier Managed Cloud Company.  They supply customers with the same Fanatical Support Promise only now ubiquitously across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and on-premise OpenStack implementations.


Trend Micro is a trusted leader in enterprise grade and innovative security solutions.  Their unique and layered approach to information protection provides customers with a centralised view of their security posture to support their evolution into Cloud Services.


Red Hat are the de facto standard for enterprise Linux, providing a scalable and reliable open source platform suitable for mission-critical computing. Their Enterprise Linux product is designed for the modern datacentre supporting a broad range of hardware, hypervisors and clouds.


Cloudability provides a market leading data driven Cloud Cost Management platform.  Their solution ensures that decision-makers have the most accurate information by visualising both cost and usage metrics across both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Datadog provide a modern monitoring solution that has been designed from the ground up for a new paradigm of application requirements. With their announcement of Microsoft Azure support, in addition to AWS, Datadog have become the premier SaaS based monitoring solution available today.